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From Template based document and Website creation to HR Administration and Business Plan creation, the MasterSuite collection of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions offers a unique set of features that make managing every facet of your business easy and convenient — no matter where you are.

The MasterSuite applications boast a library of thousands of templates for everything from HR and sales correspondence to your own company Website.

Manage all of your customer and client contacts using an intuitive CRM Webapp, and track customer issues from the same shared database.

Consultation from a professional consulting team on virtually any topic related to your business. Need guidance? Ask the SmallBiz Wizards.

Impress bankers and investors with a comprehensive business plan. This user-friendly “Do it Yourself” Webapp for building a professional business plan requires no spreadsheets.

Store all of your documents, files and reports on Lodestar Technology Labs' secure virtual servers. Assign users to one or more applications to share your data.

Manage a streamlined HR department with an easy-to-use database application, employee review applet and document builder.

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Customer/Contact Management

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MasterDoc: Sales
Sales Correspondence

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Customer Issue Tracking

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Business Plan Builder

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Drag & Drop Website Builder

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Employee Data Management

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Employee Review Applet

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MasterDoc: HR
HR Document Builder

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Corporate Minute Writer

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SmallBiz Wizards
Real Answers from Real Experts

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E-Learning Video Library

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Virtual Risk Consultant

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MasterSales CRM solution offers a cutting-edge Webapp for customer relationship management that not only makes CRM more efficient, but can also increase the profitability of your business.

  • Navigate your prospects easily with one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use relationship management tools ever to be released as a SaaS solution — designed specifically for smaller operations

  • Effectively plan and manage marketing campaigns and sales events

  • Track status on open proposals and make notes aviaible to your enitre sales staff

MasterDoc: Sales, sister app to the original MasterDoc application for template based HR-related document creation, allows rapid development of sales correspondence from hundreds of proven templates.

  • Generate and export sales documents that can be sent as a desktop or HTML emails simply by entering a few key data points in a short series of Web form fields

  • Build your own custom sales document templates based on the original templates provided

  • Generate and manage business proposals from templates

MasterTask, from our partners at WizeHive.com, is a collaboration platform that allows groups to share conversations, notes, tasks, calendars, files, and other information in secure, private, workspaces.

  • Enter vital information via email, Twitter, and mobile devices

  • Manage tasks, track activity and share an unlimited number of files with each “Workspace”

  • Group activities into “Workspaces”

MasterTrack, a fully integrated solution with MasterSales, is an issue tracking system that allows technical and customer support teams to take on the task of managing customer questions and requests.

  • Increase efficiency of employees and decrease response time to vital customer inquires

  • Manage internal projects among all employees for efficient execution

MasterPlan offers one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly DIY (“Do It Yourself”) tools available for building your own professional business plan.

  • Get step-by-step instructions for creating a professional business plan

  • Complete a comprehensive set of financial statements to accompany the plan narrative

  • Import pre-crafted template text into your plan narrative and edit accordingly

MasterSite’s Web 2.0 drag-and-drop platform offers small businesses and entrepreneurs one of the most innovative — and easy to use — tools on the market for designing and maintaining a profitable Internet presence.

  • Access a library of more than 40 customizable templates

  • Add multimedia content, such as YouTube videos, Flickr galleries, Google Maps, shopping carts and much more

  • Access real-time traffic statistics and focus on cost-effective marketing strategies that harness the power of the Web – rather than your wallet

Getting bogged down with paperwork? Gain the perfect HR assistant with MasterFile. Our employee data management solution is optimized for quick, convenient organization of important company and employee information for up to 100 people.

  • Track personal information from date-of-birth and address to tax-related data

  • Optimize your business by organizing departments and job descriptions

  • Increase productivity with trackable notes on employee performance history, salary and benefits

New for MasterFile users, improve the quality of your review process with the Employee Review mini-app, which allows HR Managers to grant supervisors limited read access to a single employee or his or her entire department.

  • Schedule and build thorough employee performance and disciplinary reviews with our simple scoring system

  • Start from scratch or use MasterFile’s extensive library of template text to write an assessment.

  • Supervisors can conduct comprehensive employee assessments, and submit them to HR Managers the instant they’re complete.


Struggling with writing HR documents is a thing of the past with MasterDoc. Don’t start from scratch: Create and store an assortment of HR documents from personnel policies and job descriptions to employee handbooks using our comprehensive document templates and data replacement forms.

  • Follow the MasterDoc Wizard through the creation of a complete state-specific employee handbook

  • Export templates to Word or an alternative Word processor for mass distribution

  • Access a growing library of educational content covering a range of human resources-related topics

MasterMinute removes the guess work from maintaining important company records, and safely archives corporate minutes and resolutions in electronic form using the MasterMinute Corporate Minute Writer.

  • Conveniently organize corporate resolutions through a combination of automated reminders and template-based document creation

  • Generate nearly all of your contracts and agreements simply by completing a brief online form with a few data points about your business

  • Print management and meeting notices and circulate document drafts to key members of your staff via email, all from within the web-based application

Give your business the extra leverage it needs to succeed with the SmallBiz Wizards. The Wizards provide you with a professional consulting team to advise you on virtually any business questions you may have.

  • Get 24-7 access to a team of experienced business consultants specializing in everything from sales to accounting

  • Receive quick question turn around with an answer in one to two business days

  • Browse hundreds of questions and answers in the Wizards database by category

MasterClass provides you with an on-demand 24/7, growing library of video lectures on virtually every business topic from marketing to taxes.

  • Maximize you’re your businesses profit-making potential by educating yourself on all the important issues that affect entrepreneurs and small business owners

  • Save on overhead costs by eliminating many of the expenses normally associated with hiring experts, trainers or in-house instructors

  • Test yourself and your employee’s engagement in our courses with a short but comprehensive quiz to test your knowledge

Easily monitor external and internal risks to your business using MasterRisk. Simply answer a few questions and MasterRisk will generate a custom report detailing your areas of concern.

  • Assess a range of important topics, like labor policies, facility regulations, and more

  • Analyze the state of financial risk within your company

  • Use the monthly report as a guide to help you protect your greatest asset: Your business