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Benefits of Software On-Demand

No matter where you are - or what you’re doing - you’re always using the latest version. In other words, you’ll never have to worry that one of your employees or business partners is using a version of our software that’s incompatible with yours. Upgrades and fixes are implemented on Lodestar Technology Labs’ host servers, where are applications reside, and are thus disseminated to all users simultaneously. This minimizes interruptions to productivity and work-flow. It also means you can be certain that when using our software applications, what you see on your computer screen is exactly what every other MasterSuite user sees.

Accessibility & Connectivity

Our Web-based applications can be accessed from any location and almost any device that has a stable Internet or data connection. If you’re a mobile professional, the advantages are obvious: Commuters benefit greatly from our software model thanks to its emphasis on accessibility across all platforms via most popular Web browsers. In other words, if you can find a computer and a connection, you can access all your documents — whenever you need them. (Back to Top)

Zero Maintenance

Desktop applications must be installed on every device where you plan for them to be used. Our Web-based applications require no installation — only the few seconds it takes to confirm your account with us.

Since we host the applications ourselves, responsibility for software and hardware maintenance falls on use. So, when the time comes for inevitable updates and bug fixes, we can implement them without ever distributing a single file or requiring you to install upgrades on each individual device where our software is used. Even better, when technology trends demand that our software evolve to meet changing needs, we’ll make the necessary improvements, and you’ll never have to lift a finger. (Back to Top)

Decreased Security Risks

By hosting the technology on which your business depends to operate at optimal levels, we lower the chances that your local devices will be crippled by software viruses, worms and other potential hardware bugs. There are always hardware risks involved when navigating the Internet, and of course, running an online application requires a certain amount of responsibility on the part of our end user. But if access to your applications is managed correctly, security should never be an issue. (Back to Top)

Cost Savings

The MasterSuite delivers a comprehensive family of software solutions that empower every department of your small business. Reduce costs, improve performance, and tap into the connectivity of the Web to successfully adapt your business to rapidly changing landscape of the American and global economies. (Back to Top)


The bandwidth is here. Our Web-based applications run at comparable speeds to those exhibited by standard desktop applications. If you’ve got a fast Internet connection, then the MasterSuite will get the job done as fast as – if not faster than - any similar desktop app. (Back to Top)

Short Learning Curve

The MasterSuite was created for small businesses. In other words, you don’t need an IT department to implement the entire suite of software. There is absolutely no programming knowledge or IT experience required in order to set up each user with an individual MasterSuite login under your account. That means you can set up the entire suite, on your own, in minutes. (Back to Top)

Easy Collaboration

With multi-user access to a centralized online office environment, the MasterSuite encourages your team to collaborate on all your most important projects. From the development of marketing plans to updating important administrative documents, using the MasterSuite, convincing your team to work together has never been easier. (Back to Top)