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MasteFile Employee Data Management Solution
What is MasterFile?

The MasterFile employee data management solution has been optimized for quick and convenient organization of important company and employee information. Combining a streamlined user interface with a powerful database solution, MasterFile trades in oversize file cabinets for a sleak, tabbed desktop application, allowing you to free up a little office space — and discover the infinite benefits of managing your entire staff from the comforts of your desk chair.

Combining a user-friendly interface with a powerful database solution, this desktop application was configured specifically with small business in mind.

MasterFile was designed to make human resource management as easy as possible — no matter what your level of experience with database solutions. MasterFile works for small, home-based businesses just as well as it does for large, multi-site corporations tracking hundreds of employees across the country. So, lose the paperwork — and gain the perfect HR assistant, with the MasterFile Employee Data Manager.

What Can You Do with MasterFile?

Lose the paperwork — and gain the perfect HR assistant. Track all of the following information for up to 100 employees:

Personal information, including name, address, social security number, date of birth and home, work, fax and cell phone numbers.

Hire notes, performance history, salary, location and benefits history, and review schedules.

Location,  department and job position descriptions.

EEO status, W-4 status and additional government and tax-related data.

Vacation and sick-time accrual, time sheets and attendance, and incentives and commissions.

Education, training and certifications.

Company structure and supervisory organization.