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Customer Relationship Management
What is MasterSite?

WYSIWYG WebSite development meets Web 2.0 drag-and-drop capabilities in the form of the MasterSite Website Builder. MasterSite offers small businesses and entrepreneurs one of the most innovative — and easy to use — tools on the market for designing and maintaining a profitable Internet presence.

Enjoy a range of custom design options without sacrificing the ease with which you can build a custom WebSite from scratch. Whether you want to add a YouTube video or Flickr gallery to your site, or maybe tap into the Cloud by posting Google Maps or AdSense banners on some of your pages, all you have to do is drag one of the widgets from MasterSite's Drag and Drop Gallery onto a page, and in seconds you have a dynamic site that boasts all the value-driven features of a professional Web portal.

With a library of more than 40 templates — and growing — to choose from, and a long list of color pallette options to boot, MasterSite offers limitless design options. More importantly, you can leverage the revenue potential of your MasterSite by hosting a custom shopping cart and allowing visitors to purchase products directly from your Website. And with real-time access to detailed traffic statistics, you can focus on cost-effective marketing strategies that harness the power of the Web – rather than your wallet – to generate new business online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to install any software on my computer?

MasterSite Drag&Drop is a completely Web-based application. All you need is a computer – Mac or PC – and a stable Internet connection, and you can access and update your MasterSite Web builder at any time, from anywhere in the world.


How many pages can my website have?

There are no limits on the number of pages you can create to support your successful direct sales site.


Can I add my own images to my website?

Yes. Not only can you add as many images as our servers will stand, but you can also modify most of our design templates to include your own images in the header and elsewhere.


Is the MasterSite D&D Website Builder Mac compatible?

Yes. MasterSite Drag & Drop is compatible with all computing platforms, including Mac and PC, as long as you use a java-enabled browser, like Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.


Can I conduct direct sales with MasterSite?

Yes. MasterSite offers a fully functional shopping cart feature that’s easily integrated with PayPal for maximal conversion.


Can I change my Website content, even after I’ve published?

Yes. You can modify the content of your site at any time. In fact, MasterSite is designed so that you can maintain a dynamic, always evolving Web presence simply by dragging new content onto a page – any time, anywhere.


Can I track my Website’s visitors using MasterSite Drag&Drop?

Yes. The MasterSite Web builder offers detailed traffic statistics that monitor visitors to your site in real time. An if you’d like something more than MasterSite’s stat tracker, you can add Google Analytics to your site simply by copying your embed code into the designated field in your user profile.


Can I use Google AdSense with my website?

Yes. Not only can you post Google Adsense ads on your site, MasterSite includes a Google Adsense widget that you simply drag onto any of your pages and instantly display ads linked to your Google Adsense account.